Flint Winery Tour

To take advantage of the beautiful fall and summer weather Michigan provides, a Flint winery tour is a great idea. Thanks to the numerous wineries in the area, you can get a great taste of Michigan’s best wines. While you hear more about Napa Valley than anything else when it comes to wine production, the Michigan, and especially the central region of Flint, is perfect for wine growing. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet white or a tart red wine, or if you’re looking to try it all, this area is one of the best in the whole state. So to help you plant the perfect Flint winery tour, here are a few suggestions.

First off, a fall wine tour is perfect for the Flint area. Once you get out of the immediate city and into some of the beautiful wooded areas outside of town, the fall views are spectacular. And since Michigan has great fall weather (at times), it’s easy to schedule a nice day in the fall for your tour. The summer is great for wine tours as well. Planning for some outdoor recreation is a great way to enjoy Michigan summer and relax after your wine tours. The Flint area is home to numerous vineyards that offer guided tours and stunning tasting rooms. For a great vineyard tour, Seven Lakes Vineyard is a great experience. Their vineyards is a beautiful campus, and their wine tasting and food offerings are delicious and not overpriced in the least.

For the area right around Flint, expect a lot of sweet wines. Fenton’s Spicers Carriage House Cellars is a beautiful vineyard and orchard that is perfect for a family trip in the fall months. Like most wineries out here, their sweet wines are amazing. Their Honey & White Wine offers a great mix of flavors and, thanks to the honey notes, is quite refreshing. You can also find some sweet reds here, their Soft Red and Soft Blush being prime choices.

You’ll also find great wine houses in Flint. While they don’t make their own wine, the Cork on Saginaw (in Flint) has an extensive wine list and a beautiful location. This ambiance here is very upscale, along with their wine. You’ll find everything from amazing European red wines and a large variety of California whites. Thanks to the sunlight location and the full lunch and dinner menu, this Cork on Saginaw is perfect for a lunch or dinner break. They even have a full cocktail and craft beer menu if you want to deviate a bit, which may be worth it depending on how great a pumpkin spice latte martini sounds to you. After you see all the great vineyards and wineries around Flint and Fenton, the next path on your Flint winery tour should be headed south, towards some of the amazing vineyards just outside of Metro Detroit. At the Northville Winery and Brewery you’ll find highly speciality wines throughout the year. So if you want to taste some of Michigan’s freshest wine in the fall, this place is a must.