About Flint Party Bus!

Flint Party Bus is about more than just sending cool party buses and limousines down the road. You'll find that we are an organization which strives for excellence in all areas of our business. A transportation company should be much more than just about getting there. Especially a company in the luxury transportation business. This is why we founded Flint Party Bus. To take luxury transportation a step further for the people of central Michigan. Read on to discover our philosophies and work ethics with which we have accomplished this goal.

It might be an obvious statement to some, that a transport company is much more than just vehicles. Someone needs to take care of the clients, the vehicles need to be kept clean, there will need to be repairs done... At Flint Party Bus we have put the highest stock in our people, which is necessary to bring you the very best every time we leave our garage. We have been fortunate to have the very best in the industry working with us, for you. You'll see. Just give us a call, and from the very first "hello" our professionalism will be obviously on display for you. That reservation specialist will guide you through our booking process and leave no question unanswered. From that moment on, it's up to the fine people who work behind the scenes on our spectacular fleet of vehicles. They're the ones who will insure that your vehicle is fresh, sparkling clean, and running in optimal condition.

The chauffeurs though, are really the front face of any luxury transport company... be it a limousine specialist or party bus company, it will be the chauffeurs who can make the biggest difference in how smooth your evening goes. You'll find that it is no exaggeration when we say that we have the finest and best collection of professional chauffeurs in the industry. From start to finish, you're just not going to find a better experience than with Flint Party Bus

Now that you know about our great company... Be sure to check out the Flint Party Bus Fleet!

Flint Party Bus is Mid-Michigan's finest and best provider of luxurious transportation and fun party transport services!