Flint Party Bus Pricing Policies

It is our goal to provide our clientele with the best pricing at any given time of the year. To facilitate this, we have a pricing structure which we can fluctuate based on operating costs and expenses. So, when our costs are low, are pricing is lower... The converse is true as well. What might drive our operating costs up? Well, obvious things like repair parts costs, fuel and oil costs, labor costs. But, you might not expect that things like demand might drive up our prices as well. How does this happen? Well, when we're busy working on keeping our fleet running all day long, we have to pay for more labor hours, more fuel costs, and more repairs due to wear and tear. It is at times like these that we sometimes have to raise our rates in order to compensate for greater expenses.

So, if you're looking to save some money, you can do so by booking on a lower demand day during the week. Or, perhaps during an off season. Our busiest times of year tend to be during the spring, end of summer, and fall.

When you're ready to call us up for a quote, please have the following information so that we can accurately give you the pricing you require:

  1. 1. Which day or date you'd like service from us
  2. 2. How many passengers will be coming along
  3. 3. Where you'll be picked up. City or Zip Code
  4. 4. What time we'll be picking you up on that day
The following pricing is per hour with a minimum time requirement. Call one of our booking agents for the most accurate pricing.

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