Fenton Bar Hop

Fenton Deli

15258 Silver Pkwy. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 433-0712

Forget the panini, the wraps and the fancy salads. At Fenton Deli, get ready for some seriously filling sandwiches. One of their greats is the Outlaw, a sandwich brimming with bacon, jalapeños, roast beef and amazing BBQ sauce. Another good item is their High Octane sub, packed with steak, bleu cheese and zesty sauce. The ambiance here is pretty standard for a diner, clean, cozy and definitely informal.

The Laundry

125 W Shiawassee Ave. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 629-8852

While the pastries and brunch food are some of the main attractions at the Laundry, their dinner entrees are spectacular. From the artful presentation to the quality ingredients, no expense is spared when it comes to dinnertime. The Pappardelle Pasta with short ribs is out of this world, while the BBQ pork Osso Bucco has a presentation worthy of five-star European restaurants, yet it still retains that amazing American BBQ taste. While the food is gourmet, the ambiance is surprisingly casual. So pull up to the full bar, order some desert and maybe even stay for coffee.

Fenton Fire Hall

201 S Leroy St. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 936-0442

Fenton Fire Hall has some of the best burgers in town. While the options are quite slim, you won’t be disappointed. The Hunter burger is the house speciality. With a patty made from ground brisket, short rib and ground chuck and topped with grilled onions, house mayo and a homemade bun, this is easily one of their best options. And its counterpart, the Gather, is a veggie burger topped with all sorts of vegetables and covered in amazing goat cheese and garlic mayo. There’s also a full BBQ menu with items like pull pork and hot links.


104 W Caroline St. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 629-8882

Now that we’ve got the sandwiches, the burgers and the high-class dining options out of the way, let’s move on to the sweets. At Crust, dessert is their main speciality. The donuts are delectable. From the almond croissants to the peanut butter glaze, the pastries melt in your mouth. The bagels are also a hit here, so be sure to order one for later if you’re too full from dessert. For first-timers, make sure you join in on their signature tradition — a breakfast sandwich on a donut.

Mega Coney Island

3251 Owen Rd. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 750-2234

Mega is no exaggeration at Mega Coney Island — their portions are huge! The chicken Greek salad is overflowing with chicken and feta cheese, while the sandwiches require two hands a fork. The ambiance here is definitely family friendly. The waitstaff is a bright group of people, and the restaurant fills up with natural lighting on a sunny day. An added bonus: the booth seats are incredibly comfortable.

Beale St. Smokehouse BBQ

2461 North Rd. Fenton, MI 48430
(810) 750-0507

While you can find some great BBQ options at the Fire Hall, Beale St. Smokehouse offers much more variety. If it’s your first time, go with the sample platter. With three servings of meat and two sides, this is a great place for newbies to start. Or, if you’re really hungry, order up the super combo plate. With chicken, pulled pork, ribs and brisket, two sides and cornbread for kicks, this is the end-all cure for any empty stomach. The beer choices are pretty varied. Seasonal craft beers are always in stock, so if you’re looking for fresh food and fresh drinks, this place is a must-visit.