Flint Corporate Event

Home to one of the state’s largest economies, Flint is perfect for throwing a corporate event. From the numerous hotels in town that offer event space to the elegant party venues you can find downtown, your corporate event in Flint will be wonderful. Whether you’re celebrating the end of the year, the awarding of that new account or saying farewell to a coworker, throwing a corporate party is always great for keeping morale high. Throwing an exciting party is great if you have the right coworkers for it. After all, work can be strenuous and bring out the worst in people, so it can be a huge help to loosen coworkers up a bit and let them get to know each other.

And what better way to loosen your coworkers up than with some great food and drinks? Flint has a wide range of diners, both ethnic and American, upscale and quaint. If you’re looking for amazing food and stellar drinks, Blackstone’s is a perfect choice for a smaller group. Even if you have a large event planned, Flint has some beautiful and spacious venues for your event. With a great catering service, an upscale venue and mild entertainment, you’re setting the perfect tone for your cooperate event.

With all the business traffic the city receives, there are several high-class hotels in the city with amazing spaces for your event. The Holiday Inn’s Getaway Center is a great choice. Spacious, elegant and with a few different rooms available, the Holiday Inn will work wonders for you corporate event in Flint.

If you know gold would work well with your corporate gathering, the Flint Golf Club may be your best bet. With a beautiful 18-hole golf course and a stunning reception hall, this place offers you both the fun and the professional setting your event requires. They also offer a variety of pricing options depending on the meal and type of day, with most events costing about $15 per person on average. If you’re looking for a rustic venue for a small guest list the Historic Webster House is a marvelous option. Thanks to its classic atmosphere and beautiful brown interior this place is perfect for a cozy business gathering such as a farewell party or a holiday party. With all sorts of nooks and crannies and beautiful furniture and decor, the Webster House provides both an elegant, rustic setting and truly unique venue.

No matter how big your guest list is, Flint has an event space for you. Go with a wholly professional setting like one of the city’s luxurious hotels or make a statement of how you appreciate your coworkers by offering them a beautiful, relaxing venue to mingle in, whichever choice you make, your corporate event in Flint is going to be a huge hit once everybody gets back to the office. And once word gets around about how you put on an amazing party in the perfect venue, you can count on people asking you to throw next years party as well.