Flint Concerts

Just outside of the Motown, you’ll find wonderful concerts in Flint. From some of the burgeoning local bands to the big name acts that arrive in town on a regular basis, this city is filled with music. While Flint is a serious competitor for music with Detroit, there’s still much to do in the way of music in Flint.

Local Shows

Flint has a very vibrant local music scene centered around Flint Local 432. This music venue is 100% devoted to music, barring all alcohol and drugs and allowing all ages. So if you’re serious about your local music, make sure you come here. It’s a non-profit music venue that has helped some well known bands to stardom. Most notably is post-hardcore sweethearts Chiodos who have played many shows here. Known to the locals as “The Local”, this venue has gained national attention, being featured in Alternative Press. If you’re looking to see a great show and help out the city at the same time, you can’t miss a chance to visit this venue.

Even though most local music hovers around the Local, there are a few acts from around the area that know how to put on a great show when they roll back into town. For rap and hip-hop lovers, Dizzy Wright is a hometown hero who always pays his respects to his city when he comes back into town. Reaching number 47 on the Billboard Top 200, his music is goes from 90s to funk and all the way back to serious rap, as his new album shows.

Big Name Music Acts

While the city’s local music scene is one the best in the state, there are huge venues that host famous acts year round. One of the city’s most popular concert halls is the Machine Shop. Metal music is the main attraction here, with big names like All That Remains and Trivium making their rounds in past years. So if you’re looking to headbang, you won’t find better concerts in Flint than the ones at the Machine Shop.

University of Michigan-Flint also puts on concerts all throughout the year. Although you won’t be seeing many big names acts to grace this stage, if you’re in the mood for classical or orchestra music, the concerts here will wow you. The university’s jazz ensemble puts on great shows, and their wind symphony plays just as well. And thanks to the auditorium’s acoustics, the sound is brilliant. You can also catch an opera or two here, one of the most recent being Hansel and Gretel put on by the university’s drama group.

Great Places for Live Music

Flint is also home to tons of bars that play live music. For great drinks and food and stellar live music, be sure to check an events calendar. Some of the best bars with live music in the city are Scooter’s on Thursday nights, and Timothy’s Pub which hosts music acts every once in a while and serves some great pub food.