Flint Brewery Tour

If you aren’t familiar with craft beer, then you haven’t been in Michigan long, because this is one of the state’s fastest growing trends. Michigan is home to over 120 craft breweries, and the good thing is there located all throughout the state. From Detroit on through Flint and especially in the western part of the state, breweries, brewhouses and brewpubs are popping up all over the place. And Flint is no exception. Brewery tours in Flint are a great way to spend the day and taste the best the local area has to offer in the beer department. While you’ll find some of the most famous Michigan breweries a few miles away from Flint, this city is nonetheless home to a few craft beer companies, such as Tenacity brewing which has a beautiful brewhouse.

In Flint itself, one of the best breweries is Tenacity Brewing. It features a wonderful tasting room filled with pinball machines and all sorts of unique decor and, most importantly, fresh beer from the number one brewery in Flint. With tastes for only a dollar, Tenacity is crucial for your Flint brewery tour. They serve a great blonde ale (the aptly named Basic Blonde) and some great sweet beers, ciders and seasons being common throughout the year. If you like sweet beers, their honey IPA is a world of flavors. Around the near Flint area, Frankenmuth brewery is another great choice. In business since 1862, they’ve been making great beer ever since. Go here for great German beers, like their Bavarian Brunette Dunkelwiezen and their Hound Dunkel.

Just an hour or so away, in the Detroit area, you’ll find a large number of craft breweries that make speciality beers and have entertaining bars, some with food and live music. On of the city’s hottest is Batch Brewing Company. Featuring a rotating food menu with options are varied as fish tacos and a Corktown Cubano during certain weeks, the food here is just as good as the beer. While some breweries in the Flint area specialize in one or two types of beer, at Batch, you’ll find an amazing Empire Pale Ale and the Sensitive Machine, a sour ale. This brewery is a great way to taste some of the best beer in the area, and it makes for a perfect stop along your Flint brewery tour. Among the various brewhouses you’ll find scattered throughout the Detroit area are Atwater Brewery, which makes the city’s best java porter, and Motor City Brewing Works, home to a great winter ale in the cold months and a small restaurant operation. If you’re planning an full-day beer tour, you’ll find excellent brewhouses and pubs an hour or two west. Holland, MI and Grand Rapids are both home to Founders, one of the best brewhouses in the state concerning a full tavern approach (i.e. their food is amazing), and Kalamazoo is home to Bell’s a brewery that features live music acts on the weekends and some of Michigan’s most famous craft beer.