Flint Birthday

To make the most out of that special someone’s birthday — be it yourself, your significant other or your child — take advantage of all the party options Flint provides. You’ll find a wide range of things to do in this city, from museum trips and bowling parties to a wonderful Chuck E. Cheeses and numerous skating rinks. And thanks to the services of a family-friendly party bus company, you can see all the city has to offer in one day. Whether you’re planning a party for your children or yourself, you won’t have any problems planning a Flint birthday celebration.

Children’s Birthdays

While Flint may seem like a rough and tough industrial town on the outside, it’s surprisingly kid friendly. There are tons of options for a child’s birthday party. The Flint Children’s Museum will be a blast for the young ones, and best of all it’s educational the whole way. The “museum” puts on tons of exhibits. One of their best ones, “How Things Works” gives the kids both hands-on experience with building a bridge, making a vortex, balancing acts, putting on a puppet show and much more. The Performing Arts exhibit is another great area of the museum. As the kids play with pipe organs, learn how to make masterpiece shadow puppets and how to make a story, this one is great for aspiring child actors and musicians.

Teenager Birthdays

For teenagers, planning a birthday party in Flint can be a bit trickier, but it can still be done. With the city’s number one bowling alley, Galaxy Lanes, you can treat them to a mini bowling tournament and an exciting game room for the kids who aren’t too fond of bowling. There are also tons of other bowling alleys around the city, offering a good amount of variety in what they offer. Some have great food, while others offer much more than bowling, including the huge party room at B’s Bowling Center. Flint is also home to several venues you can rent out for your own private party if you have a good idea of what your teens will like. With a private venue, you can reserve the entire place for your teenagers, making sure the pesky grownups are kept to a minimum. For older teens, some of the city’s beautiful upscale venues can work wonders, and for a smaller group, you can find gorgeous rustic venues like the Historic Webster House.

Adult Birthdays

And for the adults, the entire city of Flint is at your fingertips. Whether you plan a bar crawl to the city’s amazing bars and pubs, or if you plan a night out at the city’s famous Local 432 concert venue to see a local rock band, the options are endless. Flint is also great for a party bus ride. You’re in a perfect distance to Michigan’s best cities — Detroit, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Lansing —, so why not take advantage of this and see all the area is great at aboard your mobile Flint birthday celebration?