Flint Bar Hop

Expect a great night bar hopping in Flint. While Detroit offers a host of nightlife entertainment, Flint offers the same options but much closer. Instead of winding your way all across the big city of Detroit, why not take advantage of the Flint’s densely packed Downtown area? In Flint, you’ll find everything your bar crawl requires, from some of the fanciest bars and pubs in town to Michigan’s hottest nightclubs. So gather up your best friends, get a game plan together, and the entire city of Flint awaits you for one of the best night you’ve had in a long time.

Pubs and Taverns

For a long night of bar hopping, it’s best to start the night off right with some food. And thanks to the numerous restaurants in Flint, this couldn’t be any easier. If you’re looking for a great pub, Blackstone’s is a fine choice. With some of the best hamburgers and sandwiches you could ask for, and a stew that will make your mouth water, this place is perfect for a bit of programming. But this is far from the only pub you’ll find in flint. All along Saginaw street in downtown, you’ll find pub after pub.


While some of us are totally content sitting back and drinking in a bar, others among us need to dance. And for this, you’ve found a great city in Flint. Flint is brimming with all sorts of nightlife entertainment. From the handful of strip clubs in town to the seriously exciting nightclubs and dance clubs, it couldn’t be easier to dance the night away. While it may be a pain having to pay multiple cover charges, there a few options that are great for smaller budgets. A great choice for this is the Mixx. Thanks to its 30 ft’ ceilings and amazing light shows, this place is a bumping location for a dance party. They have great happy hours and even better weekend specials.


And for the main attraction, Flint has some of Michigan’s best bars outside of Detroit. Downtown Flint is a pretty condensed location, so it couldn’t be easier hopping from bar to bar. Whether you’re looking for a fancy cocktail lounge with slow jazz and a classy ambiance or a highly informal dive bar with great food or even a sports bar to catch Michigan’s finest play, you can find it all in Flint. And with a party bus, there’s no need to stop the partying. With some of the great party bus companies in the city, you’ll be having the night of your life inside a classy party bus. Set your sights on bars, pubs, nightclubs, strip clubs or even hire your own strippers thanks to the dance pole you’l find in most party buses. With a party bus, you’ll be whizzing all around Flint seeing the hottest spots in the city or simply hunkering down and taking advantage of your new mobile nightclub. However you plan on spending you Flint bar crawl, make sure it’s in a party bus.