Flint Bachelorette Party

Well now that you’ve finally found that elusive Prince Charming, the first step to your wedding is throwing a bachelorette party. And with Flint, the options are endless. Whether you’d like to have an close bachelorette party with just your bridesmaids at a fancy restaurant or if you’re looking to throw the wildest bachelorette party you could imagine, a Flint bachelorette party is a superb choice. Thanks to the numerous restaurants in downtown and some of the city’s hottest nightclubs, any bachelorette will fall in love with Flint in one night. And thanks to the gorgeous hunks at some of Flint’s private stripper companies, you can kiss the single life goodbye like you mean it.

Booking Your Own Venue and Male Entertainment

For the bachelorette who wants nothing more than a party with all her closest friends, and nothing less, hosting your own party in a rented venue is the only option. Not only can you choose the eye candy all by yourself, but you ensure that it’s only you and your ladies. Forget all the pesky guys at the nightclubs, the overpriced drinks at strip clubs and defiantly forget the chances of stumbling into a dive bar on your special night. With some of the luxurious party venues in Flint and some of the sexiest men around, you’ll be partying the whole night away without a worry.

Planning a Casual Night Out

But for the calmer brides, and most likely the older brides, a causal night out with great friends is a wonderful idea. Getting some of your best girlfriends together for an exquisite meal at one of Flint’s trendiest restaurants is the perfect way to set an intimate tone. One of the city’s hottest restaurants is 501 Bar & Grill. Specializing in Mexican and Spanish tapas (small sample dishes of sorts), this restaurant provides excitement, something new and variety all in one punch. Flint is also home to many pubs and bars that are great for a bachelorette party.

Hitting the Town Like It’s Your Last Night as a Single Woman

For some women, there’s nothing else they would rather do for their bachelorette party than ogle, and possibly handle, some man candy before it’s too late. This is especially a good idea if you have a few single bridesmaids and want to show them a good time as well. Although Flint doesn’t have any male strip clubs, there are some marvelous private stripper companies that specialize in bachelorette parties. And if you can do without the men, a Flint bachelorette party at one of the city’s trendy nightclubs is a great idea. Whether you’re into country, hip-hop or jazz, there’s a nightclub in Flint with your name on it for the night. If all these options sound exciting to you, why not take advantage of all of them? Booking yourself and your ladies a party bus or limousine for the night is a great way to party the entire night long and see some of the best nightlife you can find in the Flint area.