Flint Bachelor Party

Congratulations on finally deciding to settle down! But it isn’t all said and done yet, there’s still one major, and fun, hump to get over before you tie the knot. Yup, you guessed it’s time for your bachelor party. And lucky for you, a Flint bachelor party has all you need. Whether you’re looking to hit the town like you’re back in college or looking to spend some quality time with your best men, this city has you covered. From the beautiful women in the city’s numerous strip clubs to some of the best restaurants and bars in the state, your bachelor party is going to be a riot since you chose to have it in Flint. To help you plan the perfect party, we’ve included some pointers on what Flint does best below.

Strip Clubs

Of course, the number one event for any decent bachelor party is a strip club, and with Flint, you have a world of possibilities. If you’re looking to have some great drinks with some gorgeous ladies, Deja Vu is the best strip club in the city. Throw any ideas you had about a grimy strip club out the window when it comes to Deja Vu. The environment here screams class, from the beautiful decor and seating to the women, most importantly. And if you’re seriously interested in seeing nude women for your Flint bachelor party, Little Darling is the place to go. Although they don’t serve alcohol here, the girls dance fully naked, making this place a wild strip club with a calmer crowd.

Private Venues and Private Dancers

If you want nothing more than your best buds and some of the hottest girls you could imagine at your bachelor party, then hiring private dancers and booking your own venue is a solid option. Why deal with other drunk guys at the bar or the money hungry dancers at a strip club. When you throw your own party, you can be sure that there’s nothing coming in the way of you and your guys having a wild night. And best of all, you get to pick the girls you want. Maybe your best man is into the quiet type but you’re into the foreign type, either way, when you go this route, all the calls are up to you — from the drinks to the women.

A Flint Restaurant and Bar Crawl

For those of us with the worried wives, we can forget the ladies all together. Thanks to Flints countless restaurants and amazing bars, you can have all the fun you need without requiring naked women. If you’re looking for some great upscale food, Da Eduardo Italian is one of the city’s classiest restaurants. While if you’re looking for a great bar, the Soggy Bottom gets wild on the weekends. With a party bus, you can go on one of the best bar crawls in your life. Commence the night with a great meal and some well deserved toasts, hit up some of the city’s best bars and finish the night off right by having one final bash as a single man at Flint’s superb strip clubs.