Lapeer Bar Hop

Woodchips BBQ
315 W Nepessing St. Lapeer, MI 48446 (810) 667-6333

Wood chips is hands-down one of the best restaurants in Lapeer. If you like barbecue food, take your pick: brisket, chicken wings, pulled pork, ribs — it’s all good here. Go with the Royal Sampler if it’s your first time here. With your choice of five meats, it’s a safe bet even if you’re a regular. The brisket is the crowd favorite here. Whether it’s the brisket quesadilla, the brisket flank or the various brisket sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with this menu item. Their ambiance is beautiful as well. The unfinished wood fixtures and brick interior really match well with the BBQ food.

Blindfish Grill
1723 Demille Rd. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 245-9091

Blindfish Grill is Lapper’s premier seafood restaurant. The salmon is an easy crowd favorite here. Whether the New Orleans salmon topped with shrimp an scallops or the chargrilled salmon with herbs and dill sauce, make sure you order a salmon dish if it’s your first time. At any rate, there are still tons of options for those who don’t like seafood. The ribeye with sautéed mushrooms is out of this world. And with the homemade desserts, you’d begin to wonder if there’s anything they aren’t great at. While it’s a pretty upscale restaurant, the ambiance remains cozy and inviting. There’s also a full bar, so order up some mouthwatering desserts and stay for a drink or two.

Old Detroit Burger Bar
348 W Nepessing St. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 660-8600

For a great burger in Lapper, head to Old Detroit Burger Bar ASAP. You won’t find a better burger in town. The burgers here are all named after Detroit landmarks. For instance, you have the Ambassador Bridge burger (with Canadian bacon), and the Warren Ave Burger (a glorified olive burger). Best of all, each burger is branded with the Detroit Burger Bar logo, adding just the perfect touch. The ambiance is definitely what you’d expect from burger bar. There’s a good variety of beers, and the seating and interior are quaint yet cozy.

Pueblo Viejo
393 West Nepessing St. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 664-1300

So Lapeer has excellent BBQ, seafood and burgers. And with Pueblo Viejo, you can now add great Mexican food to the list. The carne asada is one of the best dishes. The meat how a carne asada is supposed to be (well-done), and the seasonings they use are spectacular. Another good choice is their fajitas. With super fresh vegetables, an amazing sauce and your choice of meat, these are some of the best fajitas in the entire Flint area. There’s also a full bar, so take advantage of the beautiful Mexican ambiance and stay for one of their signature fruit margaritas.

Lake Inn
3711 Hunt Rd. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 667-0941

With a beautiful view of Nepessing lake and high-quality seafood, Lake Inn is a great place for an evening meal. The fish and chips are one of the best sellers here, so if you like a great fried cod and some greasy French fries, now you know where to go. However, there’s a ton of options for those who are a bit picky when it comes to seafood. The BBQ bacon burger is one of their best burgers, while they even have a few Mexican options. Hint: Go with the wet burrito if this section of the menu catches your eye. The atmosphere is super casual and family-friendly, so pull up a seat and don’t think twice about tearing into some of their messier dishes like the clams or the hot wings.

Sam's Coney Island and Family Restaurant
420 W Nepessing St. Lapeer, MI 48446
(810) 664-1451

While Lake Inn offers gourmet meals in a family-friendly environment, Sam’s is where you go for a quick bite to eat, especially for breakfast. With everything from cheese and bacon-covered omelettes to a marvelous breakfast wrap, Sam’s is the perfect way to start your day in Lapeer. There is also a great variety of Greek and coney island dishes. The Chicken Philly pita is a wonderful American take on a Greek classic, while their coney dogs are 100% American goodness.