Davison Bar Hop

Bear Soup Deli

320 Main St. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 412-5990

Bear Soup is Davison’s hotspot for a quick bite to eat. The sandwiches are one of the best things on the menu. The Big Smokey is great if you’re if you like smoked food and just a hint of spiciness, while the French dips can satisfy nearly any palette. But if you are into spicy, go with the Cajun burger for dinnertime, you won’t be disappointed. The ambiance is pretty rustic. A beautiful tiled floor, hunting memorabilia on the walls and wood fixtures make this restaurant a beauty.

El Charrito's-Helena's Original Restaurante

201 Mill St. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 658-9308

For a great Mexican restaurant in Davison, look no further than El Charrito’s. The food here is definitely authentic. From the carne asadas to the tacos and burritos, this is some of the best Mexican fare for miles. If it’s your first time, be sure to try out the wet burrito, a crowd favorite. But if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, their taco salad is amazing. The ambiance here is authentic as the food. Beautiful Mexican artwork lines the walls, and the seating is spacious and comfortable. So bring a group with you and plan a night out at El Charrito’s

Lucky's Steak House

10098 Lapeer Rd. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 653-4300

Lucky’s Steak House has some of the best upscale food in town. The shrimp scampi is a surefire hit with seafood junkies, while any of their steak entrees are amazing. The prime rib is mouthwateringly good, while the NY Steak Sandwich is perfect for a filling lunch. They have a pretty extensive menu. You can find gourmet burgers, all sorts of seafood and a good choice of soups and sandwiches. Their wine list is pretty extensive in its own right. Nearly two dozen wines are offered here, from standard choices like Blackstone to expensive California wines.

Apollo Family Restaurant

715 S State Rd. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 653-3551

Apollo is Davison’s best place for breakfast food. Be sure to arrive early so you can take advantage of their Early Riser specials. Their Eggs Benedict dishes are some of the best choices on the menu, along with their pot roast skillet topped with an egg. But there’s much more than breakfast food here. Their hamburgers are always a safe bet, and the fish and chips is just as great. But honestly, the shakes are what makes this place so great. Order up one of their shake and burger combos and you’ll quickly see (well, taste rather) what makes this place so good.

White Panda Chinese

230 N State Rd. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 658-4986

White Panda is a great Chinese place with stellar customer service. The portions are huge, so make sure you come in with an empty stomach. For first timers, their Kong Pow Chicken is a crowd favorite. But if you like spicy, you can’t go wrong with their Szechuan, whether beef, chicken or pork. Even their egg rolls are something special. With just the right amount of grease, and a great crunch, they’re the best side on the menu, although their chicken fried rice is pretty good as well. The ambiance isn’t over the top, but thanks to their super fast waitstaff, coming here is always a treat.

MD's Sport Tavern and Grill

3040 N State Rd. Davison, MI 48423
(810) 653-6408

While this is a sports bar at heart, the food here is excellent. The chicken cordon bleu sandwich is out of this world, and their soups are really good as well. There’s always a good special or two going on with their food so be sure to see what’s on special when you stop in. The chicken wings are another great menu item. If you’re into spicy, try their new tropical habanero wings, while the applewood smoked wings are always a safe bet. They also have great speciality pizzas, making this place just as good for a meal as it is for a drink.