Clio Bar Hop

Clio Roadhouse Bar and Grill

2183 W Vienna Rd. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 564-2200

Clio Roadhouse is hands-down the best bar and grill in town. The food here is amazing. From the fried pickle appetizers to the hearty Roadhouse Burger, everything is cooked to perfection. Even the Bloody Marys a delicious work of art. With fried shrimp, cheese cubes, celery and bacon all skewered to your drink, the Bloody Marys are a drink and an appetizer in one. The ambiance is pretty standard for a sports bar. There are tons of TVs, and the bar is dimly lit with comfortable seating.

O’graydee’s Restaurant

2145 W Vienna Rd. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 687-3290

For a more casual dining experience, O’graydee’s is always a good choice. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the food here is top-notch quality. The Rodeo Burger with perfectly crispy onion rings is a crowd favorite. For breakfast, go with the omelettes. They come in huge portions and are offered in a variety of options. As would be expected, the atmosphere here is definitely family-friendly. Clean and not decorated to an excess, the ambiance here is perfect for a quick hassle-free breakfast.

Cloverleaf Bar & Grill

13508 N Saginaw Rd. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 687-0928

Cloverleaf is where you go in Clio when you’re unsure of what to order. Pizza, burgers, melts, cold sandwiches, seafood, all of these are served at Cloverleaf. The beer choices are pretty varied for a typical diner, so be on the lookout for seasonal specials. It also has the air of a sports bar, so don’t miss your chance to watch a Red Wings game with some great drinks.

China Moon

425 W Vienna St. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 547-1806

China Moon has some of the best Chinese food in the Flint area. The Egg Foo Yung is out of this world if you’re into that sort of thing, while nearly anybody can enjoy their Mongolian Beef entree. They also have great lunch specials, so if you’re looking to save some money, make sure you come here around noon. The customer service here is great too, giving China Moon a very welcoming atmosphere.

Nite-Cap Tavern

155 W Vienna St. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 687-1280

The Italian-American food here is stunning. Their signature pizza, the Nite Cap Supreme, is perfect for meat lovers. Bacon, ham, Italian sausage and pepperoni meet with a heaping portion of vegetables to make this pizza a must-try. The strombolis, however, are the most popular item on the menu. They’re ordered on a create-your-own basis, so you’re sure to love it. The ambiance is a little old-fashioned here. The tables and chairs are comfortable yet quaint, while the bar has tons of drink choices and ample seating.

Lucky’s Steak House

11451 N Linden Rd. Clio, MI 48420
(810) 686-8600

Here we have one of the most upscale restaurants in Clio proper. The steaks here are obviously the main attraction. Cooked perfectly to your order and with just the right amount of seasoning, it’s easy to see why this place is so popular with the locals. If you’re into seafood, the Coconut Shrimp is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, so be sure you try an order. The interior is a bit rustic, making it easy to cozy up to an excellent steaming meal.